All efforts will be made to have the same cleaners assigned to your home/office. Backup cleaners will be trained to cover your home/office in the even of illness or scheduling changes.

A detailed cleaning sheet is created for each client and are updated upon completion of each clean. These sheets contain; client preferences, special requests and a lift of item(s) not to be touched.

Our policy is to complete an initial clean of your home/office. This is a much deeper clean which will prepare your home/office for maintenance cleanings.


An Angel's Touch Cleaning strives for 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our goal is to maintain your home and/or office to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your clean please contact the office immediately. We will send a team out to resolve the problem the very next day.

Our cleaning costs are based on a flat rate, not on a hourly basis.

We request at least 24 hour cancellation notice or any schedule changes. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

All clients will be contracted the day prior to their cleaning. For those clients who plan to "hide" a key, but forget; we do understand that accidents happen. However, because it is costly to pay our cleaners for jobs they cannot do, upon repeated occurrences, there will be a lockout fee which is 1/2 your cleaning cost.

Accidents do happen. In the event breakage occurs the cleaner is responsible to alert the office immediately. The cleaner will bring the breakage back to the office. The office staff will contact the client to determine the best way to correct the situation. If the client discovers breakage/damage, we would appreciate you contacting us within 24 hours, we cannot be responsible for damage days later.

  • Clean any pet problems such as urine, fecal matter or vomit.
  • Clean up any blood stains or clothing with blood.
  • Use ladder higher than the 3rd rung.
  • Move heavy furniture such as sofa's, refrigerators, wall units, etc.
  • Clean outside windows.

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